Ordering a shakuhachi

How to choose, personalise and order a shakuhachi

1. Choose a colour (white or colours with white embouchure). Since the embouchure is made of a different material than the body it’s colour cannot be changed and until further technical developments will remain black also for colour-bodied instruments. 

See further details on the available colours here.

2. Add a personalised engraved text to the bottom surface (optional).

3. Contact us and we will produce your selected instrument. Orders usually ship within two months.

Instruments are usually ready for shipping within two months. Shipping time changes considerably from country to country.

Shipping cost: Depends on many factors (where do you live, how big will be the box required for your shipment and how much will it weight). We look for the best delivery option within the Norwegian Post. A package large enough to carry a single soprano cornetto costs NOK 312 (ca. €30) within Europe and NOK 348 (ca. €34) anywhere else in the world. Special orders with larger measurements or shipments including several instruments may cost more.

Additional local custom charges change from country to country and apparently also from day to day. We are unable to provide any information regarding this. All local custom charges are to be paid by the customer and are not included in our prices.

Prices: See Models & pricelist.

Payment through bank transfer (to Germany) or Paypal. Paypal is practical but complicated… since most Paypal payments will require additional fees we must charge an additional 4% when using this method. 

For Paypal payments a transfer fee must be added. Since this commission depends on too many factors for us to calculate it (wether you have a Paypal account, the currency of such account, your country, wether you’ll pay using a credit card…) and therefore we ask you to look for the „received amount after fees“ and/or check which fees will apply in your case here

Please read the terms and conditions and the current limitations of this technology.

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